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Arkona Navigation Ltd was established on 2014 as manning agency for offshore & merchant fleet.

Trainings and certificates

We cooperate with the biggest Trainings Centers providing best courses for its seafarers .

As an accredited member of different Maritime administrations ARKONA NAVIGATION LTD always takes care on checking of the legality of any certificates or documents any seafarer brings to us.

Medical Center

We have our own Medical Center for seafarers’ health examination.

It is approved under P&I Club requirements and is recognized by all national maritime administrations.

Travel & Visas Department

Arkona Navigation LTD has accreditations in all main Councils and Embassies in Ukraine to ensure smooth process when we apply for visas for our travelling crews.

We are well known manning services provider in the offshore & merchant industry.

Among our clients are the biggest shipping companies around the world.

24/7 Arkona


Our office is open even at night to satisfy the most demanding requests of our clients. So our Clients don’t suffer from the time-zone difference.


To ensure the best quality of the seafarers being employed by ARKONA NAVIGATION LTD we have mariner Masters and Chief Engineers — mentors to conduct pre-employment interviews with candidates to check their practical evaluation and knowledges.

Best marine agency helping customers worldwide.

Our team

As we always aim to be the best in our business we constantly improve our team and staff with a large number of internal trainings and audits.

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